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Soar Pendant

Soar Pendant

I encountered the following quote while reading a book about the mystical experience: "Human beings must be born twice, once from their mothers and again from their own bodies and existence. The body is like an egg, and the essence of man must become a bird in that egg through the warmth of love. Then he must go beyond his body and fly in the eternal world of the soul."

The words are attributed to Sultan Valad, son of the Sufi poet Rumi, but the concept of seeking sublime transformation - and the emergence of a higher level of awareness - is a universal human pursuit. It is what gives us the vision to transcend worldly concerns, to soar above the tumult of pedestrian life.

The Soar Pendant comes in 14k white gold with a 3.5 mm sapphire. It measures slightly less than 1" in length. On a 16" cable chain.

(Special Delivery/Handling: Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery)

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