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Jewelry Redesign

Redesign Your Engagement Ring

Have you suffered too long with jewelry that is outdated? There's no need to do so any longer. Free yourself from the burden of ugly jewelry.

Save the Gems, Recycle the Jewelry

If your engagement ring could use a redesign, you can now give it new life with Shamy Designs. Prices start at $1299 for solitaire redesigns in gold.

Other Redesigns

Jewelry redesigns are not limited only to engagement rings or diamonds. If you have fine gemstones that are trapped in jewelry that you'll never wear, we can redesign something to perfectly suit your style. You can even turn an old brooch into a new pendant, or an old pair of earrings into a new ring.

Free Consultation & Getting Started

Please contact us for a quote or call 212-221-1058. (M-F, 10-5, Eastern US)
Shipping and delivery: You may make arrangements to ship your jewelry to: Shamy Designs, 40 W 51st St #5434, New York, NY 10020. Basic restoration normally takes 5-7 business days, but extra services can take longer. Completed items will be available for pickup or return shipment. If shipping, please insure your item appropriately.

Gemstone treatments: You must disclose if your jewelry contains gemstones treated with unstable processes (including fracture-filled sapphires or rubies, clarity-treated diamonds, or any other process). This affects how the piece is repaired and cleaned, and it is not within the scope of Shamy Designs Restoration Services to determine the presence of gemstone treatments, if any. We will not be responsible for the deterioration of any undisclosed gemstone treatment. We also recommend that pieces containing emerald not be sent in for certain restoration services because of the high prevalence of unstable treatments.