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Custom Design

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

For when the ordinary just won't do. This is the focus of my work, and both the process and end result is the most satisfying for me and my customers. You may know exactly what you want, or have no preset idea at all, but either way we won't stop until we're both thrilled with the design.

Initial Design & Gem Selection

We start by covering all of the essentials, including basic design preferences, supplemented by images or thumbnail sketches. We also discuss time frame, budget, and gemstone options. As a graduate gemologist, I know that selecting the right gems is essential, and one of the greatest values I offer is guidance to help you maximize gem value while meeting your preferences.

Final Design

Once we finalize a design and have selected the stones, I give you an estimate of cost and completion time. A 50% deposit is due at this time. Occasionally, we may decide to make changes to the piece during production. If so, any associated change in the cost estimate will be clearly stated so yo can approve it in advance.

Model Making & Production

The production process often entails making a wax or 3D CAD model. From this I make a mold, then execute the piece in the metal of your choice. You may request a mock-up or image of the model at this time.


Final payment is due upon completion, prior to shipment or pick up. While there are no refunds on made-to-order jewelry, I do offer certain complimentary changes to your piece after completion. This includes ring resizing, changing from a matte finish to high polish, and other minor jewelry modifications. I go to great lengths to be sure that we both love the end result, and that you will cherish it for many years to come.

Free Consultation & Getting Started

Please contact us for a quote or call 212-221-1058. (M-F, 10-5, Eastern US)