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About Shamy Designs

Shamy Designs makes fine jewelry for private individuals. We specialize in unique, custom-designed jewelry with exceptional and rare gemstones. We were founded in 1995 in New York City with the following mission statement:

"Much of the jewelry that is produced and sold is boring and unimaginative. People end up liking what they see because that's all they know. I reject that idea. It's my goal to design and create highly-personalized, exceptional jewelry for my customers. I treat each piece as a work of art, carefully selecting the gems that will go into it, and making sure that the execution is as inspired as the design. I engage with my customers for their input during the design process, and the result is always mutually rewarding. We also both benefit from the fact that I design and make my own pieces; I have the freedom to create according to my own ideas, inspirations and values. And my customers receive unique, heirloom quality jewelry at very reasonable prices."


Tom Shamy, G.G.