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Jewelry Restoration

Restore Your Jewelry

Have an old piece of jewelry that is badly in need of attention? Now you can restore almost any item to its original beauty with Shamy Designs Jewelry Restoration Service.

Platinum and diamond ring restoration

Services and Fees

Basic Jewelry Restoration: $199 - $249* Additional Services
Clean and repair surface damage Laser soldering: $25+
Simple ring resizing Advanced repairs, resizing: $50+
Check/tighten stone settings Hand engraving (letters): $8+/letter
Simple jewelry repairs, soldering Hand engraving (designs): quoted
Polish or matte finish Stone setting: $10+/stone
Gold or rhodium plating Gem replacement: quoted

* - Gold rings and earrings are $199 and up. Platinum pieces and all bracelets and necklaces are $249 and up. Prices for additional services are on top of basic restoration fees. À la carte services are subject to a minimum fee of $50.

Free Consultation & Getting Started

Please contact us for a quote or call 212-221-1058. (M-F, 10-5, Eastern US)

Shipping and delivery: You may make arrangements to ship your jewelry to: Shamy Designs, 40 W 51st St #5434, New York, NY 10020. Basic restoration normally takes 5-7 business days, but extra services can take longer. Completed items will be available for pickup or return shipment. If shipping, please insure your item appropriately.

Gemstone treatments: You must disclose if your jewelry contains gemstones treated with unstable processes (including fracture-filled sapphires or rubies, clarity-treated diamonds, or any other process). This affects how the piece is repaired and cleaned, and it is not within the scope of Shamy Designs Restoration Services to determine the presence of gemstone treatments, if any. We will not be responsible for the deterioration of any undisclosed gemstone treatment. We also recommend that pieces containing emerald not be sent in for certain restoration services because of the high prevalence of unstable treatments.