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Pernille Ring

This is a custom-designed piece. Please contact us for a quote.

One-of-a-kind 22k gold and emerald ring with rich floral and arabesque hand engraving inspired by a Rajasthan palace hotel.

It's always an honor to receive a commission for a custom-designed ring. But this piece holds special significance because it was made for a fellow jewelry designer. I knew that the design needed to be something unique and spectacular. When I sought input on motifs for the engraving, I was sent pictures of intricate patterns from the inside of a building in Rajasthan, India. When I read the photo credits, it turned out to have been from the same converted palace hotel that I had stayed in a few years earlier. With this synchronicity, I knew that the Pernille Ring would enter the world attended by good auspices.

The ring itself features a clean and lustrous 2 carat emerald that is set with a three-bead box setting. The vessel-like top section is completely hand engraved with floral and arabesque designs, as is the off-round shank.

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